Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Are you tired of the "grind?" Trying to make money in your business as a solopreneur in Vancouver?

The solo founder journey is filled with questions, wasting time, loneliness, and challenges.

I learned this firsthand as I quit my full-time job and struggled to make any progress for years...

After not only wasting a ton of time (and even more money), I began to understand why I needed to surround myself with the right people and environment.

That's why I built Mentee.

A hybrid community in Vancouver that allows you to create connections, stay accountable, and finally get your business off the ground and running (and earn money doing it).

Tired of searching Google and YouTube for "How to Build a Business?" Do it with real people in your very own beautiful city.

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Meet Kevin

"I love the potential to meet new entrepreneurs! Everyone wants to learn from each other, and I've taken inspiration from other businesses."

Focus: Car Rentals & Web Development

Winning together.

The Mentee community consists of a members-only community portal, weekly video calls (including Office Hours, Coworking Sessions, and Masterclasses), and monthly in-person events based in Vancouver, Canada.

It's designed to provide a safe and supportive community, mentorship, and support to entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses.

Mentee: a person who is advised, trained or counselled by a mentor.

Entrepreneur: a person who organizes and operates a business, taking on greater than normal financial risks.

Inside Mentee, we're a bunch of entrepreneurs working together.

Mentee encourages you to move faster and learn from others along the way!

If you're an entrepreneur, Mentee was built for you.


Meet Phil

"Mentee has completely exceeded my expectations. With so many like-minded entrepreneurs in vastly different fields, it's nearly impossible not to make at least one invaluable connection."

Focus: Real Estate Development, Investing and Business Consulting

Who's in Mentee?

We have a very diverse group of entrepreneurs in Mentee.

People from different backgrounds, countries, and industries.

We have members in their early 20s to people in their 40s.

From side hustlers and content creators to members who have sold companies for 7+ figures.

Most of our members are solo founders or those without teams.


Everything Entrepreneurship


Become a Mentee member and learn from others doing it.


Be a part of an exclusive community of entrepreneurs all working toward a similar goal.


Learn the foundational skills, habits, and techniques from Chris and other members!


Have a strong support group to hold you accountable when you feel lonely and unmotivated.

Take a look inside the Mentee Community.

Meet Jeff

"A great community that helps support one another. Mentee has increased my network and provided feedback to improve my business."

Focus: Videography & Filmmaking

Be a part of something bigger.

Are you an entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur? Whether you have zero experience or a decade, Mentee will help you connect, grow, and thrive with the right people and most importantly yourself.

We want members who are committed, positive, and supportive of each other and their goals.

Those that show up, are reliable and understand that this is only the beginning.

Whether you want to take on a business full-time, become an online creator, or launch a side hustle, Mentee will help you do it.

*Apply to join Mentee today - Limited spots remain*

Highly vetted and designed to stay small.

The Mentee Community is designed to be small (and stay small).

Community is at the core of Mentee, and to thrive, we must stay small.

This also allows me to invest more of my time in fewer people, getting you the best results possible.

New members will be vetted and hand-selected.

If you're an entrepreneur in Vancouver or beyond, we invite you to apply!

Choose your plan


$1499per year


$449per quarter

(2 months free on yearly plan - Save $297)

  • Access to all Masterclasses ($750 value)
  • Members-only community forum ($450 value)
  • Monthly in-person events with Chris ($1200 value)
  • Weekly group calls with Chris ($2400 value)
  • Office Hours with Chris
  • Coworking Sessions
  • Members-only live chat app
  • Quarterly 1:1 with Chris ($1400 value)
  • Priority feedback and support

$4800 +


$2499per year


$749per quarter

(2 months free on yearly plan - Save $497)

  • Access to all Masterclasses ($750 value)
  • Members-only community forum ($450 value)
  • Monthly in-person events with Chris ($1200 value)
  • Weekly group calls with Chris ($2400)
  • Office Hours with Chris
  • Coworking Sessions
  • Members-only live chat app
  • Quarterly 1:1 with Chris ($1400 value)
  • Priority feedback and support

$6200 +

Meet Ryan

"The best thing about Mentee is it's dual nature! With its online community providing a space to bounce ideas and its in-person events being the place for entrepreneurs wanting to connect with 'actually' like-minded people!"

Focus: Entrepreneurship Teacher & Toastmasters President


What is Mentee?

A community that supports entrepreneurs in Vancouver, BC and beyond in a safe environment to grow and thrive in. It includes a members-only community forum, weekly video calls, and monthly in-person events.

Who's it for?

Mentee is ideal for solopreneurs or people interested in learning about entrepreneurship in a safe and supportive space to learn, get feedback, ask questions, and grow.

It's great for people who want to start a business, online creators, side hustlers, and others looking to learn about entrepreneurship!

What tier should I join?

The Standard membership tier is for members who wish to participate in weekly live calls and monthly in-person events.

The VIP membership is for members who want a more personal approach. Get 1:1 calls with Chris every quarter and priority feedback and support!

Is there a contract for my membership?

You can join Mentee on a quarterly (3-month basis) or annual (12-month basis). Get a 12-month membership for the price of 10 months!

How much time do I need?

The great thing about Mentee is you can put as much or as little time into it as you wish. We want dedicated members who show up each month, but you're not obligated to attend everything (we know entrepreneurs are busy!).

Why join Mentee?

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey. Not only this, but doing it with others improves your skills, habits, thinking, fun, and likelihood of success. Save time and money building your business with others who have done it.

What happens when Mentee is full?

Mentee is designed to be a small group of dedicated entrepreneurs. Once it reaches maximum capacity, a waitlist will be formed. Apply early as it is based on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Once more spots open up, you may be contacted to become a member. Please wait to be contacted. Applying does not guarantee you a place.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of the online community and access, we do not offer refunds once a payment has been processed. We stand behind our community and the value it delivers to its members.

Still have questions? Contact us here

Meet James

"I've already experienced the value of Mentee, right from the first event. Because of Mentee I’ve grown my network of fellow entrepreneurs and created new business opportunities!"

Focus: Growing Physical Product Businesses

Meet Chris Wilson

Chris is dedicated to all things entrepreneurship. He runs a leadership company full-time focused on speaking, coaching, and community.

Chris works as a mentor with e@UBC -Entrepreneurship at The University of British Columbia and LOI - League of Innovators. Where he mentors various Ventures in developing processes, techniques, and businesses.

He brings all of his experience and more into Mentee. From flying helicopters, writing two books, competing in fitness shows, building multiple side hustles, and quitting his 9-5 day job to build a business from his apartment.

Chris M Wilson - Career coach and entrepreneur.

One final question...

"But what if I don't have much time?"

Every person in Mentee is busy.

Mentee is designed to be a resource, not a task.

If you spend time leveraging the resources (Masterclasses, Office Hours, Coworking Sessions, in-person events etc.) you will get the most out of it.

But if you simply use Mentee to connect with other entrepreneurs, get inspiration, and overcome some business challenges, it will still pay for itself and then some.

Some of our members have gotten their money back from the very first in-person event.

Mentee shouldn't be a chore, it should be fun, supportive, and exciting!

Come join us and find out.